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Meet Dr. Chris Neely

Dr. Chris Neely, Cheyenne ChiropractorMeet Dr. Chris Neely. Truly helping people achieve optimal health, well-being, and happiness is Dr. Neely’s purpose! He is beyond ecstatic and blessed to be part of the team at Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic and able to achieve just that. He is all the way from La Crosse, Wisconsin where he was born and raised. Go Packers!

An Athletic Focus

Dr. Neely is an avid sports and outdoor adventure enthusiast. Growing up his life revolved around athletics with basketball and baseball being his passion. His background is in sport performance, overall human function, and health. Dr. Neely has an Exercise Sports Science and Nutrition degree prior to receiving his Doctorate at the fountainhead of chiropractic – Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. He’s been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Personal Trainer for the last 7 years and is always looking for new ways to enhance and better himself. He’s worked with athletes ranging from 4 or 5 year-old children focused on developing proper movement patterns to professional athletes looking to maximize their peak performance.

Enjoying the Outdoors

To say Dr. Neely thoroughly enjoys being active, would be an understatement. He loves trail running, snowboarding, mountain biking, resistance training, high intensity interval workouts, playing hoops, roller blading, and the list goes on and on. He’s game for whatever gets him up and moving and his heart pumping. Currently, he’s training with the rest of the Livin’ Well Family Chiropracticteam to run a few marathons this year. The elevation and the notorious “Cheyenne wind” is honestly taking some getting used to, but with the aid of some specific chiropractic care he’s adapting more than fine!

Ready to Get Started?

There’s a difference between livin’ and livin well! If you have a spine and a nervous system with a desire to heal, adapt, and function to the best of your ability, Dr. Neely wants to see you in our clinic!

Dr. Chris Neely Cheyenne | (307) 632-3525