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Breath of Fresh Air?

Breath of Fresh Air_

You have heard us say time and time again “there are two causes of disease and illness…TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY.”  This time of year I cannot help but be reminded of one of our largest TOXICITIES: lawn and plant chemicals.  After being cooped up for months, we can finally get outside and breathe in some fresh air….or can we?  For many of you, this is also the time of year that you and your furry friends take more morning and evening strolls and your kids get to play barefoot in the grass!!  If your dog is anything like mine, she will stop and sniff everything and has her nose to the ground the entire walk. If your kids are like mine, they are sniffing and pulling every dandelion they see & creating some sort of vase of “flowers” for their mommy.  Do we know what gets on our loved ones’ paws, skin, nose, and inhaled in their lungs? It seems every other lawn I pass has a little sign that says “Caution Pesticides/Herbicides Applied” with a picture of a family and pet and a huge slash through it, telling you to stay away!  “Here’s your sign!”

The stuff that we place on our lawns is designed to KILL, weeds, pests, and in some cases anything and everything it touches, yet for some reason we think that it has no effect on our family’s health?  The professionals applying the chemicals (TruGreen, etc.) are supposed to wear gloves, long pants, long sleeves, and in some situation – masks! If you apply it yourself, all you have to do is read the back of the container or bag and you will immediately see that these products are not just harmful, but scary!  Personally, I would rather have weeds and pests in my yard than risk the dangers of those chemicals in my body i.e. cancer, diabetes, asthma, allergies, autoimmune conditions, etc. We have become increasingly aware of the dangers these chemicals have when it comes to our food, but for some reason we don’t realize the consequences of placing the same chemicals on our lawns, driveways, gardens, etc.


Our cute puppy, Remi! Look at those eyes!

Have you ever heard of Roundup?  This is a common weed killer that you can find in any lawn section of the hardware store.  One of the ingredients in this poison (glyphosate) has been proven to cause CANCER.  We spray this stuff on our food supply, lawns, and anywhere else where weeds may pop up.  Before long you will start to hear law firms seeking clients with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma that have had chronic exposure to Roundup, and large monetary damages have already been issued within our Judiciary system.  Are you confident that your “seasonal allergies” aren’t actually a seasonal Toxin exposure (not just yard chemicals but bug sprays, sunscreens, etc… we will save that for another article)?  We all know when these chemicals have been used, you can literally smell them in the air, meaning you are inhaling those chemicals into your lungs.  Crazy….RIGHT? Artificial fertilizers and lawn chemicals can also be absorbed through the skin and washed into our water systems. If you have never heard of a “Dead Zone” I encourage you to Google it, it will break your heart.  There is an area that is almost 9,000 Square Miles in the Gulf of Mexico that cannot support any marine life!  All due to the runoff from fertilizers and chemicals used in commercial agriculture.

Our fish supply has become so contaminated with toxic chemicals that it’s not safe to consume many of the larger fish any longer.  Many of the toxic chemicals that we use on a daily basis have been found in the flesh of fish, especially in waterways like the Mississippi River, now arguably the most toxic waterway in America.  This should be a topic that is indisputable, just read the back of some of these labels and you will find statements like “Hazardous to Humans and Domestic Animals,” “Keep out of reach of children,”  “call _____ for emergency medical treatment advice,”WHAT!?  When it comes to your health, a rule of thumb is: if you cannot ingest it don’t let it touch your skin, don’t breathe it in, and stay away from it… period.

This year I encourage everyone to get outside and pull your weeds, or find a natural vinegar mixture to spray your weeds with, don’t spray them with harsh chemicals.  When it comes to your lawns and gardens use a natural compost for fertilizer or explore natural products that do not contain chemicals known to harm humans and animals.  There are plenty of safe and better options available. The intent of this article is to make you aware of the toxicities we have in our lives so that we can do our best to limit them.  The compound effect of all our toxic exposures is a primary driver of the illnesses we see today, and in order to create a cultural shift towards healthier and stronger living, awareness and reduction of these chemicals is vital.

Cheers to living a healthier, happier, and more vivacious life!

Dr. Marley Smith DC CACCP

Nora & Quinn appreciate you making a difference in this world!

Nora & Quinn appreciate you making a difference in this world!


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