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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Marley Smith

Dr. Heather and Dr. MarleyGrowing up Dr. Marley had a very active lifestyle, which he continues to lead today — thanks to chiropractic care! In his sophomore year of high school, Dr. Marley sustained a knee injury that kept him off the fields and stuck in pain. “I couldn’t find relief in anything,” recalls Dr. Marley of his injury. “Then, I tried chiropractic and I was amazed by the results!”

Dr. Marley and his sisters were raised “all natural,” from being born at home to the foods they ate. Oddly enough, however, they did not go to the chiropractor as a family. “After I went to the chiropractor, I realized how well the chiropractic philosophy fit in with the lifestyle I was living.

Chiropractic embraced what my mom had always told us to be true: the body has an innate power to heal itself.”
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Dr. Heather Smith

Dr. Heather’s introduction to the field of chiropractic was a little more unusual than others; she became interested in chiropractic before she had ever seen a chiropractor.

From a young age Dr. Heather knew she had a desire to work with children. In high school, she became increasingly interested in the sciences, and so she thought she wanted to be a pediatrician.

She went to college as a chemistry major on a pre-medical track. As she was increasingly introduced to the field of medicine through the school she began to realize it was not for her. Dr. Heather recalls, “For every possible ailment, I saw doctors prescribing medication. I just felt it was wrong and so unnecessary.” read more>>