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Meet Dr. Megan Wiese

Dr. MeganDr. Megan’s first experience with chiropractic was in highschool but it wasn’t until her time at Iowa State University while pursuing her Undergraduate Degree that she decided to become a Chiropractor. During that time she realized the medical model of health care was making her more sick, instead of helping her get well. She knew it was her job to help make sure others embrace their body’s natural healing through Chiropractic. By divine intervention she chose to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic, where her true appreciation for Chiropractic blossomed.

Academic Experience

While at Palmer College she learned about the Gonstead System of Analysis and knew that was the type of care she needed to give her future patients. She ultimately led Gonstead Club as Vice President and interned with Dr. Richard Burns, a Gonstead Chiropractor.

Dr. Megan was active throughout her college career attending different club events and seminars. However, the most memorable and impactful experience was her Chiropractic Mission trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She got to experience the power of chiropractic through adjustments without even being able to communicate with the patients on her table.

A Love of Adjusting Women & Children

While Dr. Megan is able to care for all patients, she especially loves checking and adjusting women and children to make sure they have properly functioning nervous systems.

Dr. Megan would love to meet you and your family! Contact her today to schedule your first appointment!

Dr. Megan Wiese | (307) 632-3525