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Meet the Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic Team


My name is Allyson, and I love being a part of the Livin’ Well Team. I am your check-in, check-out chiropractic assistant- and everything in between.

Growing up in an Air Force family, the typical medical model was ingrained in me. I am so fortunate to have found a spot on this team where I have learned the true meaning of health and wellness. I love to educate others about the benefits of chiropractic as well as hear and share patient’s success stories. I will be your accountability partner through your care in our office- sending text reminders & making sure you never miss an adjustment! I’ll also be your friend & your cheerleader through your journey in our office.

In addition to my position here at Livin’ Well I stay active in my church community- teaching kids ages 8-12. Teaching is a passion of mine, and I am happy to have found many ways to pursue this passion outside of the typical classroom setting.  I also love to exercise, read and hang out with my family.

I’m so excited to meet you and your family, and be a part of your journey towards optimal health & true wellness.


Hi! My name is Roxanne Woods and I am very excited to be a part of this team!  I have dual roles in the office; serving as the New Patient Concierge, and now more recently launching Cheyenne Weight Loss and serving as your MetaLife Health Coach.

Being involved in various sports and activities growing up, I have always been an active person and lived an active lifestyle. For a long time, however, I considered that to be enough to be ‘healthy.’ It wasn’t until I started working in a health and wellness chiropractic clinic, that I was able to take a step back and really look into the other aspects of true health, the long-term risks of unhealthy habits, diet confusion, and most importantly overall poor nutrition, which is the focus of our program.

In conjunction with education on how to eat well, a big focus I have for this program is evaluating your quality of life. With a background in Psychology, it has helped me see the correlation between poor health and poor quality of life. There are some participants that don’t even realize their weight and how they feel in their own skin has been holding them back from being their best self for months, even years! Being Cheyenne Weight Loss’s Health Coach and bringing the awareness that eating healthy not only helps you lose weight, but it helps you overall feel better, improve your quality of life and ultimately be happier is my driving force everyday for this program.

What I provide is a commitment to you. I am committed to bringing you the answers, the accountability, and the support you need to make this lifestyle change.


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Hello! My name is Jazmin, and I am very grateful to be a member of the Livin’ Well family. I will be there for all your new patient processes and questions.

Throughout my life I have always been very active being involved in sports as well as outdoor recreations. Becoming part of a team where health is not only a goal, but a passion is incredibly humbling for myself. I am very excited to be a part of such a passionate team who works so hard to educate not only their patients but the community as well.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time immersing myself in books, running and taking in as much time with my crazy nephews and nieces.