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Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic Events

Bulletproof Your Low Back Event

Saturday, March 21st at 10 AM

bulletproof your low back event flyerWe all think we’re bulletproof. Maybe you grew up as an athlete, played every sport, skied, worked out, and were generally a crash test dummy. No issues.

You got away with all those years of hard work, sports, injuries, and strain. At least that’s what you thought. And then maybe time went on, and things started to hurt more than ever. What the…?

Suddenly, it seems like it’s all falling apart…Maybe you can’t train in the gym without feeling like you’re 90. If you ski one day – you’re in pain the next. Have you ever been there?

If this sounds familiar to you, we have some good news!

Honestly, so many of us live in denial. We think we’ll never “get old”… We believe that low back issues is for “other people” and doesn’t apply to us. That we can get away with ignoring our body’s warning signs…Soldiering through the stiffness and ignoring the low-grade pain signals.

Gain a new perspective and a complete regimen that keeps your body – and your low back – ready for whatever life throws at it.

We’d love to share this formula with you.

Join me for the Bullet Proof Your Low Back Workshop and get back in the game, the gym or the the ski slopes!

Can’t wait to see you there,
Dr.’s Marley & Heather Smith

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