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Enough is Enough

“God moves mountains to create the opportunity of His choosing. It is up to you to be ready to move yourself.”

This picture was taken just 4 days ago, but at this point it feels like a month ago. I’m tired of pretending that this will all go away. I’m tired of my kids begging me to play with friends and go back to school, both of which I believe they should be allowed to do. I’m tired of all the negativity and fear-filled posts on the internet. I’m tired of people demanding for more restrictions and more human rights being stripped away, all with no end in sight. But more than anything, I’m tired of being concerned about what people will think if I speak up about what I know when it comes to health and healing.
I’m wondering if the human race truly believes our bodies are flawed. That God made us with the inability to fight viruses that are everywhere, both around us and inside us. I’m wondering how we trust anything that we are told when there is so much conflicting evidence, much of which is very scientifically sound. Who are we supposed to trust?
I’m no longer laughing at the memes that were making light of this whole social distancing thing. In fact, I’m concerned that this will become our new normal. That people will be afraid of each other. That we’ll step off the sidewalk while we are innocently walking our dogs or taking our families out to ride their bikes, just for another human to pass by so that we don’t get too close. That I won’t be allowed to take my kids inside of a store without being kicked out or judged by so many who know so little about health. In a world where we already have too much cyber bullying, this will intensify it. Will this new way of life become a habit for so many of us? If so, that thought is a tough one to swallow.
When is enough, enough? Who will step up and stop this madness before we all lose what we fundamentally require for survival – human connection.

Dr. Heather Smith
Mother, Wife, Lover of Life, Doctor of Chiropractic

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