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Routine Gives You Freedom!

Is anyone else guilty of being super regimented with their sleep/workout/morning routine during the weekdays, but then letting it all fall apart on the weekends?
I have been consciously trying to improve my weekend mornings in 2021, which is why I still lay out my workout clothes every night before bed (not just Sunday-Thursday like I used to).
It’s amazing how laying out your clothes offers you just a tiny bit more motivation and determination in the morning (yes, even Saturday mornings) to get up and put in the hard work so that the rest of your day can be easier.
I’m not saying weekends shouldn’t be relaxing, fun, and spontaneous….I’m just encouraging you to find one thing that makes your work week successful and start implementing that one thing into your weekends too! Your future self will thank you for that!
What is your favorite routine or morning ritual that you can’t live without?! Pencil it into your weekends starting today! Let’s get healthy together, Cheyenne!
Enjoy your Saturday, friends.

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