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Skinny Lattes....Fact or Myth?

Skinny Latte

I have a confession to share…..or something like that. I ordered a “skinny” latte this past Sunday after sleeping 2.5 hours (tops) on our overnight flight home from Hawaii. Am I the only girl on the planet who didn’t know what “skinny” meant?! Truth be told, I thought it just meant there would be no whipped cream on top, and potentially would be made with something other than Whole milk. Here’s where the confession part comes in – I don’t hardly EVER drink dairy milk (I usually order my coffee with coconut milk), but I was tired….so very tired, already felt bloated from our trip, had a LOOOONG day of un-packing ahead of me (not to mention, coming into the clinic to re-arrange and re-decorate after more construction last week), and I was just desperate for a taste of something that would perk me up and get me through! Plus, let’s be real, sometimes it’s just easier to order something basic and move on with your life…am I right?!

Here’s where my morning took a wrong turn. After sitting in the drive thru for what felt like eternity (with our sleeping kiddos in the backseat), I finally had my coffee & it smelled heavenly! So of course, like something you’d see on a sit-com, I closed my eyes, breathed in my coffee, and took a huge gulp… welp, that’s not the after-taste I had in mind! FAKE SUGAR!!?? UGH. I had a million emotions/questions running through my head in the next 15 seconds.

1. How did I NOT know that “skinny” meant “calorie-free syrup”?

2. WHY would anyone drink this toxic tasting poison and think it’s actually better for them than the sugar-filled stuff?

3. Should I make Dr. Marley turn around so that I can go back to the dreadful line and ask for another drink?

4. How have consumers been so fooled into thinking that Aspartame, Splenda, etc. are actually better for us than old-school sugar (not that sugar is healthy for us by any means)!

5. I’m going to have to write a blog about this so that I can share some truth with people who need to hear it!

Gals (and Guys), do you know what the research has proved to be true about no-calorie sweeteners found in these “skinny” syrups, Diet Sodas, sugar-free baking products, etc.? Well, for starters, people who ingest them actually end up consuming MORE calories in any given day than those who do not drink the poison!! Why? Well, because those chemicals confuse our brains & actually make us feel MORE HUNGRY!! You see, when we ingest something that has no caloric value, but is VERY sweet in flavor, our bodies still secrete insulin!! Because of that, we then produce a hormone to make us hungry (particularly craving glucose) so that we eat something to satisfy that surge of insulin that occurred when we drank that beverage or ate that baked good. Think about it, the last time you had a Diet Dr. Pepper, did you eat something with it or shortly afterward? Was it something like a burger, fries, chips, candy bar, pasta, etc.? Was your tummy growling while you were drinking it? That’s your body talking to you!

I’m here to tell you that diet pops and skinny lattes are absolutely NOT helping you on your weight loss journey. They are sabotaging you! And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that those toxic chemicals are known to cause cancer…that will be a completely different post for another day. The bottom line here is that lattes in general aren’t going to make us skinny, but DEFINITELY not the “skinny” kind. There is genius marketing done & billions of dollars spent by the FOOD AND DRUG administration to confuse the crap out of us when it comes to our diet! And because of that, Americans are confused about what is healthy and what is dangerous, would you agree?

We have an amazing program, Cheyenne Weight Loss, that focuses largely on educating you on the truth about food! Of course our participants lose weight, gain confidence, look better, and (more importantly) feel better, BUT they also gain a wealth of true knowledge about food. Our Primal Certified Health Coach, Roxanne, unpacks the truth about FAT, SUGAR, GRAINS, DAIRY, OILS, and more! There is so much information to learn in our program that it takes 12 weeks to complete! Of course the program comes with recipe guides, supplements, and strategies, but the most important part is the accountability and the education! If you want to learn more about it, or even have a free initial consultation with Roxanne, you can find her at: or Her direct phone line is: 307-514-2000.

We would love to be a part of your true health journey, but you have to take the first step! We can’t wait to hear from you.

To your health & vitality,

Dr. Heather Smith DC CACCP

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