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Tip #1...Grandma Always Said...

Tip #1....

Tip #1….

Grandma always said this Vitamin was good for a cold.  Turns out, Granny was right.  Watch this video to find out why! You may be surprised to find out that this Vitamin can also help with inflammation and detoxification.  It could even be powerful enough to be considered as a potential treatment option in this current pandemic! Another supplement that could be beneficial in supporting the immune system is a compound found in many fruits and vegetables.  Are you amazed to find that Grandma really DID know what she was talking about when she told us to finish our vegetables?!

This compound doesn’t just help with respiratory illnesses but also with sinus issues, allergy issues, and potentially chronic lung issues.  The effects of this natural compound could be so profound that there are clinical trials being performed to see if it can prevent or possibly treat Covid 19.  This compound and Vitamin work synergistically, which is why Mother Nature packages them together in our food.  The natural source is always best (food), but find out how adding these supplements to your routine could be beneficial in creating a more resilient host.

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow – we’re just getting started! For now, make sure you watch Video #1 here!

Hold onto your seat – pull up your pants – it’s gonna get deep in here!

* Click on the hyperlinks in the text above for the research (as promised) or find them here:



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