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Tip #15 - The 'skinny on dairy'.

Dairy (1)

I hate to do this to you but it is time for heart breaker #2.  We’ve witnessed after working with thousands of patients that people don’t just love their bread, they also love their dairy!! In this video we will discuss what could be acceptable forms of dairy, as well as what we should stay away from to limit free radicals, inflammation, and immune dysfunction.

This is another food the USDA has been trying to convince us to eat (in heavy amounts) for decades, however, the research is not supportive.  Remember all the Hollywood actors and their “GOT MILK” commercials?!

We have patients tell us on the daily that their pediatrician wants their child to drink more milk.  Our question is always… WHY?  Parents response: “So that my child gets adequate Vitamin D and Calcium.”  Meanwhile these children are struggling with allergies, excess mucus production, and eczema.  Apparently, many pediatricians have not taken a nutrition class.  As you recall, Vitamin D is limited in our food supply, if you get any from a glass of milk it is because it is fortified with it.  If you want to get your child Vitamin D, make them play outside (better yet, play with them)!

As far as the Calcium goes, this is abundant in green leafy vegetables, many fruits, nuts and seeds.  If you encourage your child to eat REAL food, Calcium is not a problem.  Plus they will be receiving the benefits of these antioxidant rich foods!

Here is the ‘skinny on dairy’, hope you enjoy.




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