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Tip #16 - Air Quality inside your HOME

clean air

Many do not realize that their homes could be toxic! Paints, furnitures, glues, carpets, and other building materials could be impacting your health. We recommend that you check for these toxins instead of ignoring them.  Here is a minimum recommendation to improve your air quality:

  • Check Radon and mitigate if needed
  • Check for mold and mitigate if house has been exposed to excessive moisture
  • Let furniture “off gas” before bringing them inside
  • Buy NO/Low VOC materials
  • Buy green/Non-toxic building materials
  • Change HVAC filters often (and get good ones)
  • Clean vents regularly

***Get a high quality air PURIFIER (sorry I kept saying filter in the video) oops!

Here is the purifier that we use in our house (they regularly offer $300 off so dont pay full price)!

 Here’s Dr. Marley’s video where he dives deeper into DETOX-ing your home!


Air pollution is a big part of Covid 19 spread and concentration.  Think New York and Northern Italy.  We live in one of the best areas for air quality (except when there are fires), so get off the couch and get outside!!!

When there are fires you can check the air quality index.



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