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Tip #18 - Dangers of Over-Sanitizing!


One of the greatest sources of toxins in our homes are the cleaners we use (and that was even BEFORE the over-sanitization craze of Covid 19), so it’s only gotten worse in the past 5-6 months!  Plus, with school right around the corner, you can easily expect our classrooms to be massively doused in harmful chemicals every single day and night.  The thing no one tells you though, is that these chemicals can jeopardize your health, potentially putting you in the “at risk” population in the future.  Did you know that many cleaners contain compounds known to cause breathing issues such as asthma, hormone disruptors that can lead to infertility, and known carcinogens (cancer causing agents)?  Sometimes correcting someone’s asthma, skin conditions, fertility issues, thyroid issues, etc. can be as simple as detoxifying their lifestyle, namely the way they clean and the beauty products they use (spoiler alert for tomorrow).  Once again, the things that we think are helping us are actually harming us.  Watch our newest video here.


This is a topic everyone should investigate, especially if you have young children that put their mouth on EVERYTHING.  We have provided some resources so that you can find safe cleaners that keep your house clean but your body free from toxins.  Find out more in video #18.  Here is a quick overview of what you should look for when shopping for cleaning products:

  • Certified by Green Seal or Ecologo
  • Free of triclosan and quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Don’t use cleaners that include ammonia or chlorine bleach
  • Avoid hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium/potassium hydroxide, and ethanolamines
  • Avoid fragranced cleaners (unless a known NATURAL fragrance, i.e. essential oils)
  • Avoid phthalates
  • Always VENTILATE

We’ll see you tomorrow for tip #19!




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