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Tip #20.... TOXINS, the grand finale!

limit your toxins

Let’s finish up our discussion on toxins and try to talk about anything that we left out.  One of the most widely spread toxins we are now exposed to is Glyphosate.  I am sure you have heard of the lawsuits involving RoundUp and Cancer (if not, look it up – you might be shocked)!  It all has to do with the primary ingredient called Glyphosate.  This is a broad based herbicide designed to kill any plant that it comes in contact with, unless that plant is resistant to glyphosate because it has been Genetically Modified (GMO).  It has the ability to bind certain nutrients making them unavailable to the body while at the same time promotes the absorption of heavy metals like Lead.

This chemical can affect the gut, fat metabolism, amino acid availability, and mitochondrial function.  The impacts are widespread, and we need to limit our exposure by not using weed killers with Glyphosate in it, and doing our best to eat organic food. (This includes eating animals that were not fed GMO/Glyphosate soaked grains).


Lead, Aluminum, and Mercury are also sources of toxicity that accumulate in the body and are challenging to eliminate so it is best to just stay away from them.  We are here as a source of health information, we support you doing what YOU think is best for YOUR family… but you must be aware of the many sources of these heavy metals.  Some examples are:

Old plumbing

Amalgam Fillings

Lead based paints (houses built before early 70s)

Certain Vaccines

Mercury Thermometers (if broken)

Old Thermostats (if broken)

CFL light bulbs (if broken)

See tip #20 here!



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