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Tip #27 - Don't get confused about supplements!


You’ve probably heard us talk about “THE BIG 5,” to health and wellness. This includes:

1. What we Eat/Nutrition

2. How we Move/Exercise

3. Quality of Sleep/Rest and repair

4. Handling Stress

5. Chiropractic/Adaptability of the nervous system


None of these are independent of one another. In other words, how and if we move throughout the day will impact our sleep, stress, spinal structure, and adaptability of the nervous system. How well we deal with stress will impact our eating habits and sleep. Our sleep will impact what we crave for food, our quality of exercise, our stress, and the adaptability of the nerve system. I could continue but I think you get the point … our lifestyle choices matter, and each facet has an impact on other facets. (Cue….the hip bone’s connected to the knee bone).

If you are struggling with sleep, one of my best recommendations is to start with the nutritional recommendations we already talked about. Address the deficiencies and toxicities. Then move your body with exercise appropriate for your current fitness level, and GET ADJUSTED. One of the most common things we hear from patients starting care is that their sleep has improved (we will dive into the physiology in a couple days)……the second most common comment is “I don’t get sick like I used to”, but we’ll save that for another day too. Stay tuned!

Sometimes people focus so much on their lack of sleep that they do not realize their sleep is the effect or symptom of another imbalance in their lifestyle. In other words, your sleep issue could really be a subluxation issue, or a movement deficiency issue, or a gut issue, or a stress issue. In today’s video, we will give you a few more strategies for getting better sleep as part of a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

Write down our BIG 5 and do your best to conquer each piece of that puzzle. We’re here to help!




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