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Tip #5 .... Immune Boosting Micronutrients

Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin A, and B Vitamins

Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin A, and B Vitamins

If you were to sift through all the micronutrients that have a positive impact on health,  you would be overwhelmed and confused (trust us, we’ve been there)!  What we do know – thanks to research – is that there are many micronutrients that will have a positive impact on the immune system.  Check out Dr. Marley’s tip #5 here!

I am sure you have heard of Zinc’s positive effects on the immune system, as well as its role in improving the absorption of and utilization of hydroxychloroquine, which many Doctors say could be a viable treatment for Covid 19 patientsSelenium is another great supplement for immune support, as well as Vitamin A, and your B vitamins.


So, what we’re trying to say is that you should make it a goal to be sufficient in all your vital nutrients.  If you give your body the raw materials it needs, everything functions better.  If you are deficient, you can expect your body to malfunction, period.  So what is the best way to ensure that you get sufficient amounts of Vitamin A, Zinc, Selenium, and B Vitamins?  The answer may be simpler than you think, find out in this next video.



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