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Tip # 7 - Melatonin has more than ONE benefit! it just for sleep?

Melatonin….is it just for sleep?

Did you know there are more benefits to Melatonin than helping you sleep better or getting over jet lag?  You’ll be shocked to hear what they are! Listen to Dr. Marley’s video here.

Please remember, Melatonin should be used temporarily (short term only) – if your body stays on synthetic Melatonin for too long, it can affect your natural supply (and nobody wants that)!

As for the proper dosing – please read the label on the bottle that you have. We don’t have an exact recommendation for the brand – just make sure you’re getting it from a Whole Food’s Store or from a quality brand that you trust!

Again – here’s the video for tip #7!


To read the research that Dr. Marley is referring to – here you go:

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