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A Decade of Doctor-ing!

Our three and a half year journey (over 4,200 hours of education) of becoming Doctors of Chiropractic ended 10 years ago today! Happy Decade of Doctoring to Dr.’s Marley & Heather!
Here’s a fun fact: some of our current patients started care with us WAYYYY back in 2012 when we first started seeing patients & are still coming to see us to this very day. How cool is that?!
The young kids you see in these pictures had NO idea what our first 10 years in practice would look like. But I think it’s safe to say, we’re living a dream better than we could’ve ever imagined.
Another fun fact: we didn’t open Livin’ Well until October 2012 (we were Associate Docs for 6 months in another clinic – but that’s a story for another time), so stay tuned for a big celebratory month in the fall when we can celebrate 10 years in business!
Thank you Cheyenne, for being such an awesome place to practice Chiropractic!  An extra special thanks to YOU for making this possible.
Here’s to another decade!

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