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Gratitude Can Be Simple

“Gratitude can be simple.”

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This building (and everyone in it) is beyond special to us. Let me tell you a small story.
Most of you know this, but for the new followers – Dr. Marley and I went through a lawsuit when we built this clinic (the owner of the building next to us sued us over our construction). It lasted an entire year. To say it was stressful is a MASSIVE understatement. There were many sleepless nights and lots of “worst case scenario conversations”, but I believe the situation ultimately made us stronger. (If you’re wondering, the lawsuit was finally dropped in July 2019)!
One of the things we did during that time to help keep our focus and spread positive vibes was write quotes, scripture, and “good vibes” all over the walls when the clinic was first being built (back in 2018).
I feel like it helped us tremendously during that stressful time in our lives. I still think about the quotes written all over the “bones” of this clinic and I know it’s one of the many reasons why we love this place so much.
Now fast forward to 2021 – we are expanding into the extra 1,500 square feet of our building (insert happy squeals here) – so we decided to do it all over again!! Except this time, we aren’t battling the stress of a lawsuit!
Our health coach even added several of her quotes, as this new space will officially be her new “home” of Cheyenne Weight Loss!
Simple gestures can make all the difference in our day, and ultimately our lives. We hope you can find small ways to be grateful today.
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