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Tip #10 - Crash Course on FATS

Cheers to Healthy Fats

This is one of the most important foods that anyone can be eating.  This macronutrient is absorbed into the lymphatic system which is a major player in your immune system.  Remember the saying, “we are what we eat”, and the quality of this macronutrient will determine how well your cells communicate with one another.  Have you guessed it yet?  Listen here!

It is time for an extremely fast crash course on FAT!  Did you know some fats will promote inflammation and free radicals while others do the exact opposite.  In this video we are going to tell you what fats you should be consuming and why (we will discuss the ones to avoid in a later video).  Getting the proper fats in your diet is essential for proper immune function, hormone function, and metabolic function (weight loss).  Please remember, when consuming nuts, it is best to eat them RAW (otherwise they are roasted in unhealthy fats)! Catch Dr. Marley’s FAT advice here!


We are officially in the double digits now! Let’s keep goin’! See you tomorrow for lucky #11!

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