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Tip #11 - Go ORGANIC when you can!


There is a compound effect to eating healthy.  There is also a compound effect to eating unhealthy.   We want to get as many micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that we can from our food.  We also want to limit our exposure to toxic chemicals. Eating organic helps with both of those issues.  Listen to Dr. Marley’s 11th tip here!

If you have a hard time finding organic produce or are concerned with the price, we understand completely!  The following two links contain lists to help prioritize where your money goes.  Try to at least buy these 12 fruits and vegetables organic.   However, these are the 15 fruits and vegetables that are the “cleanest” and don’t have to worry as much about purchasing organic.

(Psst….Remember, toxins or *chemical toxicity* can also be one of the causes of your Subluxation pattern – but we’ll save that for a different conversation)!  The point is, we need to control our toxic load if we want express absolute health!

See you tomorrow for tip #12 – thanks for staying motivated! For now, check out tip #11 here!


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