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Tip #12 - A Spoonful of Sugar...

A Spoonful of

Did you know the average American eats about 65 pounds of this ADDED Sugar every year?  Did you know there are multiple names form sugar/sweeteners?  Though their chemical makeup might be slightly different, what they do in the body is the exact same.  I encourage you to look up the different names for sugar, you might be surprised in what you find!  They can be pretty sneaky when they hide sugar in your food label!


Refined sugar is literally a biochemical irritant to the body and makes up 20% of the Standard American Diet (SAD).  It is a primary player in Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimers, other Neurodegenerative disorders, Cancer, and Immune system dysfunction.  If your goal is health, sugar has no place in the diet (especially not 65 pounds per year)!  Watch this video for more information on how your body reacts to sugar.

If you want references for this one, there are LOADS of books, research articles, and more! Just let us know and we can share some of our favorites with you!

Watch Dr. Marley here! We’ll see you tomorrow for tip #13!

Here’s to a HAPPY, HEALTHY, you!


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