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Tip #17 - drink HEALTHY water!


We should all be drinking more water.  There is a saying in the wellness paradigm “the secret to pollution is dilution”.  In other words, we want to take advantage of our natural detoxification mechanisms and flush as many chemicals out as possible.  Drinking plenty of water can help us do this, however, some may be actually contributing to their toxic load by drinking more water!

Do you know what is in YOUR water.  If you are on city water, here is more information from BOPU. Whether you are on a private well or city water, we recommend you get it tested.  There are many chemicals and pathogens that can find their way into your water on its journey to your home.  You could have heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, etc.

If you are drinking healthy water, make sure that your containers are safe as well.  Disposable plastics easily leach chemicals into your water.  Always go with food grade stainless steel or shatter-proof glass bottles.  Also, just because it is bottled water does not mean it is any different than what comes out of your tap, the Environmental Working Group found 38 contaminates in 10 popular brands of bottled water. Watch this next video to find out more.



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