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Tip #19 - Don't sacrifice your HEALTH for your LOOKS


Let’s be honest, it feels good to look good.  But are we sacrificing our health to potentially look better in the mirror and to the ones around us?  Check out our newest video here.  No one wants to be the sweaty guy at the meeting or the stinky dude at the gym, I get it!  BUT did you know that many beauty products and toiletries contain chemicals that could lead to hormonal issues, skin issues, fertility issues, and even cancer?  Our skin is the largest organ in the body and accounts for more than 10% or our total mass.  Anything that gets placed on your skin can get absorbed into the body.  We like to say “if you would not eat or drink it, DONT put in on your skin.”  Here are some common things that are found in our personal care products:

Formaldehyde – Purpose: Hair straightener, nail hardener, and preservative

Phthalates – Purpose: fragrances, adhesives, plasticizer/fixative

Mercury/Thimerosal - Purpose: Skin lightener, preservative

Parabens – Purpose: Preservative

Toluene – Purpose: Solvent in polishes and dyes

Triclosan – Purpose: Antimicrobial

Carbon Black – Purpose: Pigment in eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick

PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) includes 4,000+ chemicals: Sunscreens, foundations, concealer, eyeliner, shaving cream, and hairsprays

Asbestos – Purpose: Smoother/absorber (talcum powder products)

Lead and related compounds: found in lipsticks, eye shadow, blush, powders, shampoos, and lotions (not intentionally placed in products but is a contaminate found)

Aluminum – Purpose: Pigments and thickening agents


We encourage everyone to at least be familiar with the Environmental Working Group’s Toxic 20.

Look for these ingredients in your soaps/shampoos/conditioners, deodorants, makeup, etc. and if they are present find a cleaner and safer product.  There are many health conscious brands out there.  Two of our favorites are:

Pretty Frank (formally Primal Pit Paste)

Beauty Counter


***We have NO financial affiliation with these products or other products we recommend, with the exception of the supplements we carry in the clinic.***

Here’s Dr. Marley’s video of the day! See you tomorrow for tip #20!



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