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Tip #21 - Move that BODY!


There are many benefits to exercise. We want to focus on the benefits for the immune system and how it can strengthen YOU (the host). As you have learned, there are many toxins we want to avoid; but to avoid all of them, all the time, is impossible. Some of the best detoxification mechanisms we have are accessed through exercise! Find out how exercise can help you detox in our tip #21 video, as well as another method if you are unable to exercise (very few people have a legitimate reason why they cannot exercise).

Exercise is also the perfect remedy for STRESS, another thing that people are toxic in, especially right now. Stress crushes the immune system, and exercise crushes STRESS!Please, push yourself into finding the motivation to exercise right now, especially if these times have you stressed, anxious, or depressed. (Here’s a tip: find a buddy who will keep you accountable)!!

The research is clear: exercise is just as, if not more effective than antidepressants for managing these disorders. It might not be the EASIER option, but it’s certainly the SAFER one! Exercise also comes with a bunch of other POSITIVE “side effects,” instead of the NEGATIVE and sometimes deadly “side effects” of pharmaceuticals.

See you tomorrow – now go work up a sweat after you watch this video!

Exercise Reference:

Reference links for stress/anxiety/depression:


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