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Tip #24 - Your Body's Best Defense....


I promise this is the last time I will beat this drum, but I hope you hear our tune. The moral of the story is that movement is an essential nutrient that is needed and required for health. In a world where over 80% of the workforce has some type of desk job, this stagnation must be reconciled with supplemented movement. With the typical American sitting 10-13 hours a day, it is no wonder sitting has been labeled the new smoking! We share a genetic code with our ancestors that used to travel approximately 10 miles a day just to survive and today people are satisfied with a few thousand steps.


Lack of physical movement is now recognized as a main risk factor for all chronic illness and is responsible for 3.2 MILLION deaths a year. That is far more than Covid 19 will ever claim. If we truly want to protect people’s health, why don’t we mandate movement? In this video we will talk about your body’s built-in antioxidant response to endurance exercise. This antioxidant enzyme has been shown to decrease Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) a primary concern in individuals with Covid-19! We will also talk about an anti-inflammatory cytokine induced by exercise. Remember the REAL problem we are facing is one of Oxidative Stress (free radicals), and inflammation. Tap into your body’s intrinsic mechanisms with movement, it could be one of your best defenses against all illness. Watch our video here!




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