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Tip #29 - Strategies to limit your STRESS

Symptoms....Are they always a bad thing_

Some time ago, one of my mentors enlightened me with the best definition of wellness I have ever heard: Wellness: “Responding readily and appropriately to life’s stressors.” For example, your body comes in contact with a virus. If we are “well” the body will respond readily with a strong and robust cell-mediated immune response. But it will also respond appropriately. That means walling off and fighting the pathogen (this may include intelligent symptoms to let you know that your immune system is working), communicating with the adaptive immune system so that we develop the antibodies that prevent us from future infection, and doing so without destroying the host (YOU) with excess inflammation a.k.a. CYTOKINE STORM. Watch tip #29 here!


All of these tips so far are designed for one thing… to promote wellness. The mind and body are not separate, and mental health is not a separate aspect of health, it is a part of health. The body impacts the mind and the mind impacts the body. So what else can we do to help with emotional stress? Have you ever heard of the following herbs/plants?

Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Maca, Holy Basil.

You could be leveraging them as a stress mitigating food.

Watch here to find out about these herbs as well as other strategies you can implement to limit your emotional stress. Some of these techniques may be easier than you think with no added costs and only a few moments of your time. How do we know? Because we use them ourselves. Thank you for making it this far into our 31 Tips! We promise if you use them CONSISTENTLY they will work.




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