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Tip #3.....Do You Know How to Protect Your 2nd Brain?

Tips to Improve Your Gut Health

Tip number 3 is about improving and protecting your second brain….do you know what your second brain is?!  This is where 70-80% of your immune cells live.  Researchers have started calling the GUT your second brain because of the impact (GOOD or BAD) it can have on every other aspect of your body and health.

If you want a healthy, robust immune system, you must have a healthy gut.  I am sure some of you have heard of the Gut-Brain-Axis, but did you know there is a thing called the Gut-Lung-Axis?  This means the health of your digestive tract can correlate to the health and function of your lungs, which is an obvious concern during this time.  To us, that’s exciting news! We know how to have a healthy gut, so why don’t we implement those tips so that we can reap the potential benefits to our lungs!!  Tip 3 will dive deep into one of the best supplements you can take to support gut health, so that your body can be as healthy and strong as possible.  Enjoy!

How are you doing so far? Do you take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a Probiotic?  If not, this is the perfect time to start!  We have top quality supplements in the clinic that you can purchase, or you can go through this link too! (Use code: MS01 for 5% discount)!  If you buy your supplements from the store, make sure you are getting them from a health foods store (not Walmart, Walgreen, Sams, etc.)!


Watch Dr. Marley get all science-y with you about the importance of a healthy gut here!



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