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Tip # 8 - Give your Mom a HUGE hug for this one!

Cruciferous veggies

If your goal is [health] then you will love this tip. By eating this group of foods you can increase something called “sulphralane”. This compound is formed as a result of chewing this type of vegetable (for those of you that scarf your food without chewing ). Listen to Dr. Marley here.

Sulforaphane stimulates something called Nrf2 which is a powerful antioxidant pathway that can help rid the body of oxidative stress a.k.a free radicals. (Although you might have thought Nrf2 meant nerf gun!) This pathway may also be able to decrease ACE2 the receptor site for many viruses (including Covid 19).

There are a couple rules to this food group as you will hear in the video. If you must boil, steam, or microwave them, then we have a trick for you (compliments of Max Lugavere, author of Genius Foods). Add a little mustard powder to this cooked vegetable and the ability to create sulforaphane via chewing is restored.

Link to our video here – we’ll catch ya tomorrow for Tip #9!



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