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Truth Bombs - The Time is NOW.

Cheyenne's Facility of Health, Healing, and Hope.

Cheyenne’s Facility of Health, Healing, and Hope.

The time is NOW! We must get healthier, we must have more transparency, and we need to take more personal responsibility!  I am tired of the blame and shame game that even our elected leaders have resorted to.  Regardless of what the Governor or Public Health Officials say, this is no one’s fault.  People are not dying because they decided to gather during the weekend to celebrate Independence Day, or because someone went to work without a mask on.  People are dying because we (as a Nation) are sick!  The problem is not the virus, the problem is NOT that we don’t have a vaccine for the virus.  The problem is a chronically sick population.  I was saddened when the Governor lost poise, encouraged litigation, and implied that individuals not wearing masks had a goal of infecting others (though disappointed I will not talk badly of him because that does no one any good).  I was also saddened that the whole truth was not given in the recent press conference (click here to watch it).

Are cases going up?  YES, Okay… Why?  Did you know that we are testing exponentially more everyday?  Did you know the cumulative positive case percentage has remained the same? The number is around 2% (NOT 3% like stated in the press conference, according to their website).  We tested 2306 people from April 21 – June 1 but 7,044 people from June 1 to July 9th (roughly the same time period) of course we are going to find more positive cases.

Then we are told that hospitalizations are going up and “this is concerning,” however, during the press conference, they did not give us the data to support the “concern.”  At the time of the press conference, hospitalizations did go up, from 12 to 17 in the entire state of Wyoming.  A week later, the /hospitalizations were back down to 13 and not because there were more deaths (current hospitalizations in the State of Wyoming as of 7/26/20: 14 ).  This is the pattern we have seen the past four months (up and down by 4 to 5 hospitalizations) but the overall trend is still in the downward direction.  Also, are these people that are hospitalized due to Covid 19 infection or are they in the hospital for something else and happened to test positive for Covid 19?  Are they in ICU or stable, etc. We have to be transparent.  Are our hospitals even close to being overburdened?  The answer is NO and you can find that info here.



We currently have 25 deaths in the entire state (7/26/20).  A death is a death and unfortunate in any situation.  We know that almost every single death in our state has been an elderly individual with at least one severe chronic illness, most likely many, and many are end of life situations. This is why we are concerned (and should be) with nursing homes.  Caution should be taken with this population, but why are we acting like Covid is the only thing this population is at risk for?  They are at risk for the common cold, flu, broken hip, heart attack, stroke, drug reactions, systemic infections, neglect, etc. and unfortunately any of these factors can take their lives and do regularly, which is also unfortunate.  In the state of Wyoming we have had 66 deaths this flu season and 25 deaths from Covid 19.  However, people get upset when it is compared to the flu?



Elderly individuals are being isolated against their will.  Unable to see their families even if they want to.  The research is clear in this area, the longer we isolate people, especially this population the more morbidity and mortality increases.  Did we consult them or did we just make the decision for them.  The trade off is a slow isolated torturous death or chances with a virus.  I bet the majority would choose freedom, friends, and family if you let them. (Link to a study, but just look up “social isolation AND elderly” in pubmed and you will get over 10,000 results.)


Did you know we have had twice as many suicides than this time last year.  I feel this is a direct result of our response to this “pandemic.”   The reality is, Covid will not come close to the leading cause of death in Wyoming this year, Heart disease, Cancer, Chronic Lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and unintentional injuries (trauma) are and will be the leaders.  So why are we giving it so much attention?  The people in power have to answer these questions.  I realize this is new and we know little about it but that is the situation with every pandemic virus. SARS, MERS, H1N1 all were novel viruses.  Every virus was once considered novel.  The more we learn about this virus the less scary it is for everyone, so why have we resorted back to fear and masks?

WY causes of death: page 48

Can masks decrease the spread?  Sure there is evidence to support that.  However, there are plenty of scientific studies that DO NOT support their use and some even caution their use because of potential harm.  There is no study on the long term ramifications of masks…. You are the study.  Also, there is no study with the conclusion “masks save lives,” so we need to stop advertising that.  Though masks could potentially slow the spread we should not be so worried about cases, we should be concerned with hospitalizations and deaths and those numbers are extremely low in our state.  The real question should be; does a mask make anyone healthier or stronger?  The answer is no.  The truth is, masks are limiting micro exposure to all pathogens and constantly exposing one to their own bodily fluids and waste.  The consequence will be decreased immunity, just in time for “flu season” when we see an increase in all acute illnesses.  What is our goal?  To flatten the curve some more?  To slow the spread some more? Or would a better goal be to get through this as fast as possible with the fewest amount of complications and deaths?  I think that should be our goal and masks will not help with that.  If you want to wear a mask that should be your right, your choice, and should be accepted as your medical freedom.  However, if you choose to not wear a mask that should also be respected as a practice of your health freedoms.  Read one of the newer articles regarding masks here.


My main question is why are we not getting to the ROOT cause of the problem? Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, etc. THOSE are the problem! People with those lifestyle diseases are at much higher risk of death due to this virus (which is unfortunately ⅔ of the population).  These are lifestyle illnesses.  That means YOU are in control, YOU get to decide if you want to be at risk or not, YOU get to decide if you want to protect your family or not.  These chronic illnesses are a direct result of how we live and behave.  This should be everyone’s wake up call to take action and take more personal responsibility.  We have been listening to Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Government, Health Departments, CDC, WHO, USDA, etc. and look where it has gotten us.  We are the sickest generation to ever walk the planet and we just keep getting sicker and weaker, to the point where we cannot even handle a cold-like virus.  If we continue to follow the current recommendations, I promise we will further increase chronic illness and the at risk population.  Lack of personal responsibility is the primary reason we are in this health situation.  Refuse to be a victim, be the gatekeeper for your health and your families health.  If you are ready to take your health into your own hands we are here to help.

Check out risk factors on this page.  Leaders have done the opposite of limiting chronic illness.  Over this time period you could still get your alcohol and cigarettes.  They promoted loading up on nonperishable, unhealthy foods and fast-food drive thrus, yet they closed gyms and dentists.  What a contradiction when we know the chronically ill are at risk we know the risk factors for chronic illness, and we do the exact opposite of what we know to be true.


Beginning August 1st, for 31 days, we will give you a FREE tip to create a healthier host (that’s YOU)!  A host that is more resilient to whatever comes its way.  The conversation will be centered around lifestyle choices for improved immune function, such as food choices, supplement choices, sleep hacks, toxins to avoid, etc..  At the end of 31 days we will do an Immune System Webinar so that you and your families can stay healthy this school year.  It’s time to fight back, Wyoming!  Let’s get back to Normal (less fear and more love), NOT “the new normal.”  If we don’t stand up and take our health into our own hands who knows what they will FORCE us to do next?  All you have to do is subscribe to our Blog, follow us on facebook and instagram, and subscribe to our Youtube channel.  We will post these tips on all of these channels to make sure you have access to them, regardless of the social censorship that is so prevalent.  We will start dripping information August 1st and applaud you for being an action taker and the exception to this health crisis!

P.S. We have taken heat from some Allopathic Doctors, Nurses, and Attorneys in town already, and we know you have taken some heat from the people around you.  That is why we will post links and research (just like we did above) for the statements we make.  This way you have the intellectual ammunition against the negativity and the transparency to make informed decisions.

In Health, Service, & Gratitude,

Your Doc’s at Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic

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  1. Julie says
    Jul 27, 2020 at 1:09 AM

    Well said and very informative

    • says
      Jul 27, 2020 at 8:52 AM

      Thanks so much Julie! Great hearing your happy voice today!

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